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[AfriNIC-rpd] Proxy votes

Adiel A. Akplogan adiel at
Fri Mar 16 09:42:03 UTC 2007

Policy are note voted, and policy are note ratified at face to
face meeting.

The present PDP says that policies are adopted based on consensus
from the mailing list (the raison why we have the 30 days posting
requirements before any final decision being taken) *plus* the face
to face meeting. Once consensus is reached (after the face to face
meeting), the policy is sent back to the mailing list again for last
comment during 15 days before it is passed to the Board of Directors
for ratification.

In the actual process consensus is determined during face to face
meeting by show of hands and on the mailing by expression of support.
All of these after exchange of view on the pros and cons of the
proposal both on the mailing list and at the meeting.

There is no need for proxy during face to face meeting as there is no
vote on policy proposals. The mailing list is meant for people who can
not attend the face to face meeting to express their position on a
proposed policy.


- a.

>Hi Andrew et al,
>On Mar 15, 2007, at 12:31 PM, Andrew Alston wrote:
>>Can someone give me clarity if AfriNIC is willing to entertain the
>>idea of proxy votes in Nigeria on the V6 policy, providing the
>>authorization to act as proxy is provided to the proxy person in
>>writing by the individual wishing to be represented?
>>I for one will not be able to attend the Nigeria meeting,
>I was hoping I'd meet you there.
>>and in the event of the IPv6 policy going to a vote, I would like
>>to be able to issue a written letter of consent to an individual to
>>act as a proxy vote for me in this regard (giving that individual 2
>>votes).  I believe that this should be permitted by standard at
>>policy meetings as well, as it’s the only way for people on this
>>list who have participated heavily in discussions to actually have
>>a vote if they cannot travel due to other commitments.
>I agree with Andrew.
>On the other hand, and more importantly IMHO, we also need to devise
>a way of coming up with consensus when it comes to policy issues
>(ratification). I'm not sure how consensus is deduced since the PDP
>stipulates that policies are ratified via consensus in an Open Public
>Policy meeting. Is it by a show of hands, by acclamation or is it the
>onus of the moderator to determine whether consensus has been reached
>or not
>I don't know what happens in other regions but IMHO, we need to put
>some thought into this matter. Perhaps the AfriNIC management should
>shed some light on this.
>>Can anyone from the policy committee comment, and has anyone else
>>on the list got comments on this suggestion?
>>Andrew Alston
>>TENET ­ Chief Technology Officer
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>>rpd at
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