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[AfriNIC-rpd] Re: [resource-policy] AfriNIC Policy Proposal: IPv6 ProviderIndependent (PI) Assignment for End-Sites

Vincent Ngundi vincent at
Tue Mar 13 13:51:01 UTC 2007

Hi All,

Below is a summary of the above policy as per the discussions we have  
had so far.

So far, we have the following arguments:

(a) Andrew Levin 	(30.01.2007)
proposed that we should not assign prefixes < /48 due to concerns  
about the global routing table

(b) Frank Habitcht 	(30.01.2007)
was in agreement that there was need for PI assignments < /48  
especially in the case of IXP's since the prefix would not appear in  
the global routing table.

(c) Mark Elkins		(01.02.2007)
Suggested that each /48 assignment should be made from a unique /32  
(which should be preserved to accommodate  growth)

 From the above points:

(b) above seems to have outweighed (a) above and as such we should  
allow for the assignment prefixes < /48 as per the draft.

as for (c) above, organisations which require >= /32 should become an  

In conclusion, it seems that the draft policy should remain as it is.

Currently statistics:

* Yea (those in support of the policy)			:	6
* Nay (those _not in support of the policy)		:	1

Finally, I wish to encourage more members of the community to give  
their views on this policy, or at least indicate whether they are in  
favour of it or not.

Abuja is only 5 weeks away!


On Jan 30, 2007, at 11:22 AM, Andrew Alston wrote:

> Hi Vincent,
> I’m ok with all of this except for the following:
> * The intial provider independent assignment size to an end-site  
> should be a /48, or a shorter/longer prefix if the end-site can  
> justify it.
> I’m happy with /48s, I’m even happier with bigger blocks, but there  
> should *NEVER* be a situation where the block is smaller than this  
> in the global routing tables.  If the blocks can ever be smaller  
> than /48 in size it is going to create major BGP filtering headaches.
> Can this wording be clarified?
> Many Thanks
> Andrew Alston
> TENET – Chief Technology Officer
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