[Measurement-wg] Next Paper Reading - The Cost of the "S" in HTTPS

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Unfortunately, i can't find it in any open library to download it.

You care to share for academic purposes?



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> Subject: Next Paper Reading - The Cost of the "S" in HTTPS
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> I was tasked to nominate a paper for the next reading, and I suggest "The
> Cost of the "S" in HTTPS" <https://doi.org/10.1145/2674005.2674991>. It's
> not necessarily focused on Africa, but I think the implications discussed
> are very much applicable to our region. With so much noise about
> cyber-security, I am wondering if anyone in Africa/among us is interested
> in web/Internet security protocols. Abstract below, paper attached (I would
> generally just link, but the paper is behind a pay-wall and some may not
> have access).
> Abstract:
> Increased user concern over security and privacy on the Internet has led
> to widespread adoption of HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP. HTTPS
> authenticates the communicating endpoints and provides confidentiality for
> the ensuing communication. However, as with any security solution, it does
> not come for free. HTTPS may introduce overhead in terms of infrastructure
> costs, communication latency, data usage, and energy consumption. Moreover,
> given the opaqueness of encrypted communication, any in-network value-added
> services requiring visibility into application layer content, such as
> caches and virus scanners, become ineffective.
> This paper attempts to shed some light on these costs. First, taking
> advantage of datasets collected from large ISPs, we examine the
> accelerating adoption of HTTPS over the last three years. Second, we
> quantify the direct and indirect costs of this evolution. Our results show
> that, indeed, security does not come for free. This work thus aims to
> stimulate discussion on technologies that can mitigate the costs of HTTPS
> while still protecting the user's privacy.
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> Josiah
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