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Hi folks,

I’m coordinating the remote participation for this, if ever you are interested, shoot me an email.


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> From: Willem Toorop <willem at nlnetlabs.nl>
> Subject: [2019Hackathon at AIS] Updates on the Measuring DNS track
> Date: 13 June 2019 at 17:18:13 GMT+4
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> Greetings fellow hackers,
> I am one of the champions of the Measuring DNS track and I'd like to
> give you some updates.
> First of all:
> Join the Internet Measurement Workshop on Saturday and Sunday
> =============================================================
> If you are joining the Measuring DNS track or are interested in doing
> so, and you are in Kampala on Saturday the 15th already, I highly
> recommend you to participate in the Internet Measurement Workshop that
> takes place on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th in Lake Room.
> I will give a "Preperation for the DNS Measurement hackathon"
> presentation (including a presentation of a DNS Measurement hackathon
> project in which I participated myself) in that workshop on Sunday the
> 16th at 16:00.
> Updates to the wiki page
> ========================
> * First I have changed the title of the track to "Measuring DNS and
> DoH", because covers the track's contentbetter.
> * I added resources to the *Run your own DoH and/or DoT server* section,
>  here:
> https://hackathon.internetsummitafrica.org/doku.php?id=hackathon2019#measuring_dns_and_doh
>  - Recently at the RIPE78 in Reykjavik, Carsten Strottmann gave an
> excellent overview of the current state of the software ecosystem for
> DoH and DoT.  I added a link to his presentation[1] and a link to his
> list of DoT and DoH implementations[2]
>  - Yesterday at a DNSheads meeting in Vienna, the Applied Privacy
> Foundation gave a presentation on their operational experience with
> different DoH server software[3]
> * I added a new challenge: *The `application/dns+json` media type for
> DoH services*, here:
> https://hackathon.internetsummitafrica.org/doku.php?id=hackathon2019#the_application_dns_json_media_type_for_doh_services
>  Providing unhinderable undetectable DNS service is one of major
> motivations behind DoH, but there is the other use case: providing full
> DNS access to web applications. Regular DoH (as defined in RFC8484)
> delivers DNS messages in “wire” format with media type
> `application/dns-message`, which is impracticable for web applications
> to manage.
>  There is another media type (`application/dns+json`) defined in
> RFC8427 which delivers DNS messages in a new web applications friendly
> “JSON” format.
> Whenever I see new resources that I think are helpful for our hackathon
> challenges, I will add them to the wiki and inform you of the update on
> this list.
> Also, if *you* find interesting resources or have great ideas for
> additional challenges, please share them on the list, and I will add
> those to the wiki too.
> Very excited too see you in Kampala and work together on the hackathon
> challenges with you all!
> Cheers,
> -- Willem Toorop
> [1] "Overview of the DNS Privacy Software landscape", Carsten
> Strottmann, https://ripe78.ripe.net/archives/video/127/
> [2] "DoT and DoH Implementations",
>    https://doh.defaultroutes.de/implementations.html
> [3] Experiences with DoH Server Software,
> https://appliedprivacy.net/files/2019-06-12_DNSheads_Vienna_DoH_Server_Software_Experiences.pdf
> -- 
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> 2019 at hackathon.internetsummitafrica.org
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