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Dear all,

For our reading group meeting next week, we will be discussing the paper 'Exploring and Analysing the African Web Ecosystem’, available here http://sathiaseelan.org/docs/10.1145@3213897.pdf <http://sathiaseelan.org/docs/10.1145@3213897.pdf>. The session begins by a brief overview of the paper and the floor is opened for all participants to discuss the work.

I will be starting a skype group for this and will be glad if you could kindly drop your handle here - if we are not already connected.

Best regards,

Musab Isah

> On 22 Feb 2019, at 14:02, Musab Isah <musab.isah at afrinic.net> wrote:
> @Caleb.. Yes, online.
> Best regards,
>> On 22 Feb 2019, at 12:52, Caleb Olumuyiwa Ogundele <muyiwacaleb at gmail.com <mailto:muyiwacaleb at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> @musab
>> By "Our Next Meeting" i guess you mean an online meeting right?
>> On Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 9:38 AM Josiah Chavula <josiahchavula at gmail.com <mailto:josiahchavula at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Hi Musab,
>> Thanks for this, I do intend to join the discussions, probably
>> together with a few students from here at UCT.
>> Regards,
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>> Josiah Chavula, PhD
>> Computer Science Department
>> University of Cape Town
>> Rondenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa
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>> Web: www.josiahchavula.com/ <http://www.josiahchavula.com/>
>> On Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 9:40 AM Musab Isah <musab.isah at afrinic.net <mailto:musab.isah at afrinic.net>> wrote:
>> >
>> > Dear all,
>> >
>> > We have decided to expand our internal reading group with the above name to include the people on this mailing list in order to improve the level of the discussions. We currently meet once a month to discuss research and general literature related to particularly Africa's but also the global Internet. The aim is to keep abreast with the research and development around the Internet and how we could utilise the research findings and the new information for the benefit of the Internet community.
>> >
>> > Topics of interest include, but not limited to, Internet Measurement, IPv6 deployment, Internet peering, Internet security, mobile Internet, etc. We also look at topic related to Internet freedom, surveillance, censorship, manipulation, interference, regulations, policies, etc.
>> >
>> >
>> > The format of the one-hour sessions has been that a participant suggests a research paper and they (or any other member) lead the discussion by opening the meeting with the highlights of the central message that the paper conveys. Other participants, who are expected to have read the paper prior, also chip in with their insights about the work under discussion. The lead discussant alternate for every meeting. We are, of course, open to suggestion on how to make this session a worthwhile event.
>> >
>> > Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 6th March by 10am GMT and we are happy to receive a suggestion for a paper you found to be of interest. Kindly let me know of your availability for the session. Also let me know if the time could be the barrier for your participation.
>> >
>> > Best regards,
>> >
>> > Musab Isah
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>> > Ebene, Mauritius
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