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Kindly join the session tomorrow using the following link: https://zoom.us/j/505859092 <https://zoom.us/j/505859092>

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> For our next reading group, we will be discussing a paper with the above title which was presented at the ACM COMPASS 2019 conference in Accra, Ghana, last month. The abstract is provided below and the paper is attached. We are lucky that the author, Kirtus Leyba of Arizona State University, will be joining the session to present his work, answer questions, and participate in the discussions afterwards.


> The one-hour session will be on Friday 23 August 2019 by 14:00 UTC. A link to join the online meeting will be provided soon. Endeavour to read the paper and participate in the session, please.


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> Abstract:

> Internet topology reflects economic and political constraints

> that change over time. Although autonomous systems (AS)

> topology has been measured and modeled for many years,

> focusing primarily on economic relationships, earlier studies

> have not quantified how topology is changing with respect

> to nation-state boundaries. National boundaries are natural

> points of control for surveillance, censorship, tariffs and data

> localization. This paper introduces a measure, national chokepoint

> potential (NCP), to characterize how a country’s AS

> topology is organized in terms of BGP paths that can carry

> traffic across international borders. To study country-level

> chokepoints, we developed BGP-SAS, an open source, cross

> platform, efficient set of tools for simulating BGP routing

> and calculating national chokepoint measures. We use these

> tools to assess how AS topologies have changed over a tenyear

> span, finding significant variability among countries,

> with some increasing their chokepoint potential and others

> remaining constant, fluctuating, and in some cases declining.

> Overall, however, most national Internet boundaries have either

> become more pronounced or remained constant, despite

> new infrastructure buildouts and increased Internet usage.

> When compared to independent measures of Internet freedom,

> we find statistically significant relationships between

> NCP and Internet freedom.<Borders and Gateways- Measuring and Analyzing National AS Chokepoints.pdf>

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