[Measurement-wg] Workshop on Internet Economics (WIE2018) Final Report

Musab Isah musab.isah at afrinic.net
Tue Apr 23 08:24:06 UTC 2019

Dear all,

For our session on 1st May, 2019, I am suggesting a report regarding a workshop on Internet Economics with the title as in email subject. The report could be accessed from http://www.caida.org/publications/papers/2019/wie2018_report/wie2018_report.pdf. The meeting time remains 10:00am GMT.

For the people who recently joined the group, we are expected to read the paper shared and contribute to the discussion of its contents as well as the implication of the research/report during the meeting. We meet on first Wednesday of every month and each member is welcome to share a research of interest especially - but not strictly - works related to the African region. I’ll provide a link to the meeting in due course.

Best regards,

Musab Isah
Research Engineer,
African Network Information Centre,
Ebene, Mauritius
Tel: +230 403 5100

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