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Slides from the M-Lab Tutorial for accessing M-Lab data in BigQuery.

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On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 1:15 PM Amreesh Phokeer <amreesh at afrinic.net> wrote:

> Internet Measurement Workshop Recap
> AFRINIC-29, Hammamet
> 27 November 2018
> The Research and Innovation department organised a full day workshop on
> Internet Measurements at AFRINIC-29, in Hammamet, Tunisia, in which 25
> engineers and students from different African organisations and companies
> actively participated.The workshop was organised in two parts with a half
> day dedicated to presentations on previous and ongoing measurement research
> in Africa and the second half of the day was dedicated to tutorials on
> Measurement Lab and RIPE Atlas.
> Roderick Fanou from CAIDA/UC San Diego, started by presenting his research
> work on the causes of Interdomain congestion in the African IXPs
> <http://www.caida.org/publications/presentations/2018/investigating_causes_congestion_african_afrinic/investigating_causes_congestion_african_afrinic.pdf>,
> paper which was previously published at ACM IMC 2017. The goal of this work
> is to investigate the prevalence, causes, and impact of congestion on the
> African IXP substrate. The study suggests the need for ISPs to carefully
> monitor the provision of their peering links, so as to avoid or quickly
> mitigate the occurrence of congestion. This presentation provided good
> insight on how congestion at an IXP can impact performance.
> The second presentation from Musab Isah (AFRINIC), provided some details
> on the forthcoming AFRINIC Internet Measurement awareness survey
> <https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RB0NjlmQzAJZnqSAti-Ry-d3vLegqSqb/view?usp=sharing>,
> which intends to capture the Internet measurements needs of the different
> stakeholders on the African Internet community. It will also help to
> understand the state of Internet measurement platform deployment,
> availability and challenges such as “retainability”, bandwidth costs, etc.
> AFRINIC intends to launch the survey in the coming weeks and we expect
> network operators, regulators and end users to provide us their
> perspective. The end goal of the survey will be to redesign our platform
> distribution strategy, identify strategic partners/hosts and to develop the
> right training material to satisfy the needs of the community.
> The third presentation was from Amreesh Phokeer (AFRINIC), on a recent
> research study that was done in collaboration with Research ICT Africa. The
> topic of the talk was about internet development in Africa (from a
> latency perspective)
> <https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sdcfGyr97c7mM50Y7oyMsQB8E_otOAvG/view?usp=sharing>
> and the state of content use, hosting and distribution on the continent. It
> investigates how local content (new websites) popular in different African
> countries are mostly hosted remotely (85%), either in Europe or the US.
> With the exception of South Africa, where 50% of websites surveyed in South
> Africa were locally hosted. It was found that remote hosting adds
> considerable delay to the RTT because of the use of international links,
> but we also found that in certain cases, locally hosted websites have high
> delay characteristics mainly because of circuitous routing.
> Following the above research work presentations, Johan ter Beest (RIPE
> NCC) introduced the RIPE Atlas platform
> <https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u8IoN8BI3NZbaExjf2ps6do1t2LU-wB6/view?usp=sharing>and
> gave an overview of the latest features the RIPE Atlas team has been
> working on. A fourth version of probes are now available and the RIPE NCC
> will start to distribute them soon. The V4 probe would come without a USD
> disk, feature which will provide more stability and less failures. The RIPE
> NCC has also announced the launch of “VM Anchors” meaning that it would now
> be much easier to deploy Atlas anchors around Africa, as it would not be
> necessary to ship network equipment, should the hosts agree to offer VM
> capacity. From the backend side of things, the RIPE NCC is currently
> experimenting with the Google BigQuery platform.
> After the above presentations, Georgio Bullen (Measurement-Lab) gave an introduction
> of the Measurement Lab
> <https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uPm6Dn4KvLOgP7Q5_PhCLXQKXTVpJfhJ/view?usp=sharing>
> (MLAB) platform from Google and how it can be leveraged to perform Open
> Internet Measurement. Google currently has 500+ servers in 130+ locations,
> which 32 servers in 9 locations in Africa. They explained the importance of
> such an open platform and how they have proved to be useful to companies,
> data journalists, academics, researchers and policy makers over the years.
> Currently most tests are run from end-user devices, for e.g. to measure the
> full route from consumer to content, to get the throughput and latency
> between the client and an MLAB server. Measurement data is saved on Google
> cloud and can be retrieved using the Google BigQuery platform. Georgia
> encouraged participants to subscribe to the MLAB discuss Google group so as
> to be able to access the BigQuery platform.
> We wrapped up the day by running two short tutorials on both RIPE Atlas
> (ping and traceroute) and MLAB (BigQuery commands). For more information
> about the workshop and to have details about future workshops, please
> subscribe to the measurement-wg mailing list:
> https://lists.afrinic.net/mailman/listinfo/measurement-wg
> The recording of the workshop can be accessed from this link:
> https://zoom.us/recording/share/xk2qpobqOFL3NiTPCrNy5nA9XYzDThkuWSc8Y547eYKwIumekTziMw
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