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> ————————————————[Questions]————————————————
> AFRINIC is seeking agreement (or otherwise) on the following points
regarding an AFRINIC community position on the future oversight of the IANA
> ———
> 1. Do you agree that the following should be the primary priorities for
the AFRINIC community?
> ———
> 1.1 There should be minimal operational change – the current processes
for IANA operation and related policy-making are effective and allow for
the participation of all interested parties.
I agree.

> 1.2 Any new oversight mechanism should incorporate and build on the
existing RIR community policy-making processes.
I agree

> 1.3 The RIR communities are ultimately accountable for the management of
those IANA functions relating to management of the global Internet number
resource pools, and this should be reflected in any new oversight
mechanisms defined in a global proposal to NTIA.
I agree and it's good to note that this is technically not the case at the
moment. Especially if we consider that the ultimate decision on a global
policy rest on ICANN board at the moment.

> 1.4 Any other aspect that should be our priority while thinking about
Test case scenarios should be looked into. Though the numbers does not have
much issue, however there are a few what-ifs that comes to mind which I
think we should have a clearly defined process to resolving this.. Some of
them are:

- What if ICANN refuse to approve a global policy and the process to
resolving (as defined) ends in a deadlock?
- What if a component of the IANA functions decide to split up. Does this
affect numbers in anyway and if it does, what are measures to take to
reduce the impact. More like does the functions need to be  interdependent
such that a notification of a function splitting is sent ahead of time (in
other for the communities to prepare)

> ——
> 2. Do you agree that a model for IANA oversight supported by the AFRINIC
community should include the following elements?
> —-
> 2.1 ICANN has historically managed operation of the IANA functions well,
and should continue to do so at this time.
As it concerns numbers yes.

> 2.2 The IANA functions operator must be answerable and accountable to the
communities that it serves. Decisions regarding terms of service or
duration and renewal of the contract should be made by specifically
delegated representatives of those communities.
Yes but with a hope that there won't be a need for contracting but rather
an  agreement with the operator.

> 2.3 Funding arrangements to cover the staff, equipment and other
operational costs associated with operation of the IANA functions should be
transparent and stable.
>From my side of view, I am not sure I understand this question. Is this
saying that RIR leaders at the moment don't have a full picture of the cost
of operating IANA (numbers function?)

2.4 Efforts should be made to maintain the IANA functions as a “bundle”,
managed by a single operator.

This is an absolute +1 from me.

> 2.5 This does not necessarily imply a single, central point of oversight
authority – any oversight mechanism should reflect the legitimate authority
of different communities for specific functions as they relate to number
resources, domain names and protocol parameters.
Yes this makes sense, however attempting to implement this within the names
world could be a puzzle. I would rather say that a central point that
empowers the respective communities to have authority will be preferred.

> 2.6 Any other element(s) that you think should be taken into
consideration here?

It will be good for the nro to consider documenting a clear process to
engaging the global numbers community on issues like this that are not
necessarily policy related. This will help in future when such need arises.


> ————————————————[End of Questions]————————————————
> As Awe will be the last closing the loop of regional consultation in this
process, we won’t have much time after the panel at AFRINIC-21 to consult
everyone so we imperatively need to collect as much input into this process
now. Maybe these questions will help?
> - a.
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