[IANAOversight] "ICANN: Reforms Needed Before US Hands Over Control" / Mark Warner

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Mon Oct 20 15:47:00 UTC 2014

Hi all!

See below; web article written by US Senator Mark Warner on IANA transition, ICANN accountability; shared for comment, opinion....!!

ICANN: Reforms Needed Before US Hands Over Control

Extracts from article : 

"......While the move toward governance of the Internet by its users is 
laudable, many have expressed concerns about the speed of this 
transition. My strong belief is that 2015 is too soon. This should be a 
deliberative and democratic process to guarantee that ICANN will remain a
 neutral body......"

"......As the transfer of authority moves forward, my Senate colleagues and I 
will be watching to see that the proposal sent to the NTIA implements 
strong reforms like these. Otherwise, we will urge that it go back to 
the drawing board."

Source : 

Good read!

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