[IANAOversight] Fwd: [Iana-transition] [IANAxfer@apnic] CRISP team making good progress -- report from 2nd CRISP teleconference

Ernest ernest at afrinic.net
Mon Dec 15 06:54:34 UTC 2014

Hi Mwendwa,

Mwendwa Kivuva wrote thus on 12/14/14, 7:03 PM:
> Hi all,
> I think for the purpose of the community being heard, the draft
> proposal from CRISP should show the feedback from AFRINIC region which
> largely recommends an SLA with the IANA function operator and which is
> no different from that of ARIN and RIPE NCC.

I understand what you mean, but the document
was only posted as a "discussion-guide" to the CRISP team's first
meeting. Craig whipped up something fast to get the meeting going I

What's important at this stage is to ensure that the global proposal
reflects our position, and this is perhaps where we should focus our


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