[DNSSEC-Ops] DNS - A record and SRV record

Simon Chaba schaba at sansa.org.za
Tue Jun 25 13:34:21 UTC 2019

Good day.

The public (external) DNS must be configured with the following:

1)      A Record:  hbkexpe.sansa.org.za

2)      SRV Record:  _collab-edge._tls.sansa.org.za

Can you please assist?


Simon Chaba | ICT Project Manager

T: +27 12 334 5140 | M: +27 82 062 1418 | F: +27 12 334 5001 | Web: http://www.sansa.org.za
Farm No 502JQ, Hartebeesthoek, District Krugersdorp  |  PO Box 484, Silverton, 0127
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