[DNSSEC-Ops] FW: Configuration [AFRINIC #631758]

Amreesh Phokeer amreesh at afrinic.net
Wed Oct 3 18:02:56 UTC 2018

Hi Adam,

We are an RIR and we only manage reverse DNS for our reverse zones only and **NOT** for reverse zones of prefixes that have been allocated to our members. As such we do not maintain any PTR record. As we allocate a prefix to a member, the member is delegated the management of the reverse zone associated with the prefix allocated. The member should inform the parent (AFRINIC) where which authoritative name servers are being used by creating a domain object in the WHOIS database.

More information here:

Hope this helps.


> On 3 Oct 2018, at 21:19, Adam Combrinck <combrincka at termesconsult.com> wrote:
> Why would you delegate it to a third party name server?  GoDaddy have explicitly told me that they do not  and will not host the rDNS zone.  They say it’s the IP issuers responsibility to hold the in-addr.arpa zones.  With every other domain we have we have never had a problem like this.  Is it not possible for you to be primary SOA for in-addr.arpa zones for IP addresses which you issue? 

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