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Thanks much for the information!  These appear to be coming from Carrier DMZ's (not surprised)...


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On 19/07/2018, 19:11, Filisko, Steven V	typed:

> I am seeing a small number of customer client IPs hitting our old Datacenter -- All are IPs registered to AfriNic.

> AfriNic Client IPs:

Hi Steven,

As my colleague mentioned, I think you mistook AFRINIC for a network operator, whereas we are the registry serving many African networks.

To get further information about the IP address blocks that AFRINIC allocates and manages, and which networks are using what, you can access the AFRINIC WHOIS database using command line clients via whois.afrinic.net on port 43, or via the web at: https://www.afrinic.net/services/whois-query

Daniel Shaw

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