[DNSSEC-Ops] DNS Mismatch for theinsider.ug

Daniel Shaw daniel at afrinic.net
Thu Aug 9 05:55:13 UTC 2018

Dear Brian,

This is a public discussion list for DNSSEC operations related matters, it's not really the right place for your issue. 

However, luckily, the AFRINIC engineers are on this list too :) Your query has already been forwarded into out ticket system and should get a response via that shortly.

Briefly however, ns-ug.afrinic.net is a secondary DNS service for the .UG ccTLD, one of a few.

All of these simply serve up the data provided to them by the .UG registry. The ns-ug.afrinic.net instance hosted by AFRINIC is no different. As such, issues like this usually have a root cause upstream from the secondary servers, in the parent zone.

This was the case here too, but we where able to take some manual steps at the secondary level to resolve it for you. In that regard, for any future issues with and AFRINIC hosted or related DNS systems or services, please note down the contact dns-admin at afrinic.net. (In fact, just dns at afrinic.net works too)!

Back on the topic of DNSSEC, I did a quick check and the .ug zone is signed. This means that you could in turn DNSSEC sign theinsider.ug! 

Daniel Shaw

On 08/08/2018, 15:36, kwesiga brian	typed:
> Upon Migrating to dedicated Server, i received new DNS servers but i am getting a DNS conflict from ns-ug.afrinic.net. 
> It is still showing the old Name servers and this has created serious confusion on my website https://theinsider.ug/
> Below are the new Name Servers that should be registered.
> name servers that must be registered are:
> ns1.theinsider.ug
> ns2.theinsider.ug
> Attached is the DNS mismatch that is causing confusion as shown on leafdns.com.
> Kwesiga Brian Karate
> Director; Mirror Digital Ltd

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