[DBWG] --list-versions query on deleted resources?

Ben Maddison benm at workonline.africa
Thu Feb 25 09:54:32 UTC 2021

Hi Nishal,

On 02/25, Nishal Goburdhan wrote:

> On 24 Feb 2021, at 11:57, Ben Maddison wrote:


> > Hi Nishal,


> h ben,


> > Absent progress on re-chartering, I'm not sure there is a "procedure"

> > for us to follow, as such.


> otherwise read as: as long as there’s consensus here ..


Yup, pretty much.


> > (Aside: the re-chartering is mostly in my court. Apologies for the lack

> > of progress. I will dedicate some attention to this within the next few

> > days)

> >

> > Lacking that, I would suggest that *on this item*:

> > - We await the outcome of the legal due diligence that Yogesh has

> > indicated is being done;


> did we get a due date for this? my eternal worry is that we simply allow

> this to become Yet Another Deadline that goes swoosh.


Not that I have seen.

Yogesh, can you commit to a date to provide this feedback please?

> we have seen on other mailing lists that afrinic’s legal department *can*

> indeed be quick to act if they desire. at the risk of censure myself, dare

> i ask : what does this working group think is a reasonable deadline that we

> should give to the secretariat (afrinic)? personally, i think three weeks

> is more than reasonable ..


Yes. My feelings on AFRINIC's legal counsel are on the record. I won't
repeat them here.


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