[DBWG] --list-versions query on deleted resources?

Yogesh Chadee yogesh at afrinic.net
Thu Feb 25 09:46:08 UTC 2021


Thank you for suggesting 3 weeks for the “legal due diligence” work. It works for me.

Kind regards,
Yogesh Chadee

From: Nishal Goburdhan
Sent: Thursday, 25 February 2021 11:45
To: dbwg at afrinic.net
Subject: Re: [DBWG] --list-versions query on deleted resources?

On 24 Feb 2021, at 11:57, Ben Maddison wrote:

> Hi Nishal,

h ben,

> Absent progress on re-chartering, I'm not sure there is a "procedure"

> for us to follow, as such.

otherwise read as: as long as there’s consensus here ..

> (Aside: the re-chartering is mostly in my court. Apologies for the

> lack

> of progress. I will dedicate some attention to this within the next

> few

> days)


> Lacking that, I would suggest that *on this item*:

> - We await the outcome of the legal due diligence that Yogesh has

> indicated is being done;

did we get a due date for this? my eternal worry is that we simply
allow this to become Yet Another Deadline that goes swoosh.

we have seen on other mailing lists that afrinic’s legal department
*can* indeed be quick to act if they desire. at the risk of censure
myself, dare i ask : what does this working group think is a reasonable
deadline that we should give to the secretariat (afrinic)? personally,
i think three weeks is more than reasonable ..

> - Assuming that comes back with a thumbs-up, we take some time to

> provide our input as a WG on the details of the implementation we

> would like to see, with a view to arriving at something the staff

> considers deployable; and

> - Do a quick last call on the proposed solution (maybe 1-2 weeks) to

> give stragglers an opportunity to be heard.


> If anyone would like to propose an alternative to the above plan,

> please

> speak up as soon as possible. Silence will be interpreted as consent.

most of this seems reasonable to me, and thank you for indulging me,
ben. might i ask that the co-chairs *soundly remind* the secretariat
and/or their legal counsel that joe public is - and has been -
patiently waiting. wishy-washy no commitment dates, and long, silent,
pauses between interactions, do not help build accountability and trust.


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