[DBWG] inconsistency with afrinic member portal IRR registration form.

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Thu Apr 22 10:38:24 UTC 2021

according to:
whois -h whois.afrinic.net -t as-set
.. ‘org’ is an optional element, when registering an as-set. (it is
the same at ripe-ncc and apnic)
this is true if you try to register an as-set via the cli (ie. sending
pgp-signed email to the robot).
however, when trying to register an as-set via the my.afrinic.net member
portal, the afrinic portal user interface *requires* this? (ie. this
is not optional)

i logged “[AFRINIC Hostmaster #768859] error in as-set registration
form on my.afrinic.net”, with the afrinic team, and i was told:
“If an AS-SET is created without the ORG, it would not populate under
the AS-SET
list for the member organisation. Meanwhile, we are working on removing
mandatory aspect of having the organisation during the as-set creation
MyAFRINIC Version-2.”

when i objected to the discrepancy, and asked when this would be
normalised, i received:
“We shall get back to you in due course to share the ETR”.

the ticket has no confidential information, and, if you want to be added
as a cc: to track progress, you can simply email hostmaster at afrinic.net
with the subject line containing: “[AFRINIC Hostmaster #768859]”


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