[DBWG] proposal to auto-generate contents of the mandatory "changed" field in db objects.

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Tue Jul 28 11:38:39 UTC 2020


per the subject line, i think that this is something that afrinic’s db
could auto-append.

this basically means that the field:
“changed: <user at domain> <date>”

would no longer need to be filled out by the requestor, and afrinic
would auto-populate this, based on :
# mail headers,
# datetime,
and other relevant bits that can be discussed further here. i can’t
see this breaking anything, but welcome additional discussion.

i’m also not aware of a formal way to request these sorts of changes,
so, if there actually *is* one, other than suggestions posted here,
please educate me.


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