[DBWG] Is DBWG @ AFRINIC a secret society?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Sun Dec 20 03:55:25 UTC 2020

Please excuse my impertinent question, but I am forced to ask...

Is this AFRINIC Data Base Working Group and its associated mailing
list intended to be a secret?

I don't mind if it is. I rather like being a member of a secret
invitation-only club.

It's just that I would never even have known that this working group
or this mailing list even existed until someone tipped me off about
its existence recently.

Unless I need new glasses, it certainly doesn't appear to be mentioned
anywhere on this page that lists all of the other AFRINIC Working Groups
and mailing lists:


So, is there a secret handshake that goes with membership, like what
the Freemasons have?

And is there some secret way that only you insiders know for how to
access the DBWG mailing list archives?

Looking forward to being enlightened.


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