[DBWG] [afnog] [Community-Discuss] Updates on the misappropriation of IPv4 resources

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Fri Dec 18 00:10:47 UTC 2020

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement Arnaud.

Unfortunately, it seems that AFRINIC is still operating in the mode
of attempting to suppress evidence, information, and any comments
which might be in the least bit ctitical of the current leadership
of the organization.

Thus, it is a good thing that I elected to cross post my comments also
here on the AFNOG mailing list, which is not something that current
AFRINIC management can directly and unilaterally censor, I guess.

If however one takes a look at the December archives for the AFRINIC
community-discuss mailing list, then you will notice that my last
message posted here, which was also cross-posted to that very relevant
mailing list, has been suppressed and censored by AFRINIC. That is
certainly one way to try to prevent the truth and the real bad news
from getting out to the AFRINIC membership, but it is ineffective,
and only makes the current AFRINIC leadership look that much more
inept and/or complicit.

And please note that according to what I have read online about
AFRINIC history, this is not the first time the management and/or
the board have tried to sweep matters under the carpet, and suppress
the evidence of their own ineptitude or malfeasance by just unilaterally
censoring the AFRINIC mailing lists in whatever way suits them, and
their agenda, at the moment.

You here have all now read what I wrote, I hope. My message was
pointed, direct, and blunt about remaining open issues and remaining
apparently stolen AFRINIC blocks, as well as the various specific
involved parties. This information and the associated hard evidence
on which it is based has not been previously made public and I made
it public only as a service to the AFRINIC community. I did not do this
because I have any axe to grind. I have -zero- financial involvement
with AFRINIC or with AFRINIC number resource assets. My goal from
the very beginning of my 18 month AFRINIC investigation was only to
try to see to it that AFRINIC number resources do in fact get
distributed, as they should be, openly and honestly, to *Africans*,
and *not* to modern-day "robber baron" colonialists who only seek to
mine valuable assets from the African continent, and leave gaping
holes in the ground and impoverished people in their wake. And I have
quite certainly been even-handed about this. I don't care if the
theives are from India, from China, or from my own country, the
United States. I would like to see them all stop victimizing the
African people, and I would also like to see the African people stop
allowing themselves to be victimized and exploited by these modern
21st century colonialists.

So anyway, yes, I often speak frankly and bluntly, and some people may
on occasion take offense at that. But other than some over-sensitive
hurt feelings, why should the new and never before publicized evidence
that I have today presented, about *additional* and never-before-revealed
cases of apparently stolen AFRINIC resources be suppressed and censored
by AFRINIC? What is AFRINIC's motivation for doing so, and who specifically
in the organization decided that my posts should be censored?

I leave it to you good people to seek an answer to that question, if any
of you have a mind to do so.


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