[DBWG] stale route6 and domain objects for removed inet6num

Frank Habicht geier at geier.ne.tz
Wed Aug 19 18:24:37 UTC 2020

On 19/08/2020 21:14, Frank Habicht wrote:

> Now I'm co-guilty; and I will fix 2 of these AS-SETs within 15 minutes

> after sending this email, and make an email to someone to fix the 3rd

> within 30 minutes....

let the record show that I did this change in the AfriNIC DB 2 days ago.

what is the plan to prevent this?
Can we have one?


$ whois -h whois.afrinic.net -- -B -r AS-37084-PEERS | tail -n 5
changed: frank at simbanet.co.tz 20200817
source: AFRINIC

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