[DBWG] DBWG-2: proposal to auto-generate contents of the mandatory "changed" field in db objects.

Michel ODOU michel.odou at afrinic.net
Tue Aug 4 16:13:25 UTC 2020

Hi Nishal,

On 04/08/2020 14:34, Nishal Goburdhan wrote:


> afrinic staff listening in, questions for you:

> #1 - didn’t you add in auto-generated MNTers a while ago?

Yes, we did some time ago (beginning of 2017). When creating an
unprotected person/role object, the WHOIS will automatically generate a
maintainer and send the details to the e-mail attribute(s) value(s).
That maintainer object cannot be updated, to encourage the users to
create and use their own maintainers.

> #2 - aren’t all new objects forced to have MNTers?

Technically, the mnt-by attribute remains optional in the person and
role objects. The WHOIS will automatically create a maintainer to help
the user and prevent hijacking but nothing prevents the user from
removing it (and thus purposely leave the object unprotected) if they
wish to do so. A warning will be printed when the last mnt-by attribute
is removed though.

Otherwise, all the other objects have a mandatory mnt-by attribute.

> #3 - what, if any, objects don’t have MNTers nowadays?

If the object without mnt-by is a person or role object, nothing will
happen. It can be modified or taken over by anyone but this is compliant
with the template. If the object is not a person or role object, then
the WHOIS will not allow such an object to be updated.


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