[DBWG] ARIN IRR upgrade plans

Amreesh Phokeer amreesh at afrinic.net
Sat Sep 14 13:44:45 UTC 2019



5.Undertake Quality of Data Initiatives. ARIN will provide mechanisms within the IRR to help with maintenance of data. Such mechanisms may include:
• Reflected RPKI Objects. Users will be given an opportunity to mirror their RPKI data as objects in the IRR.
• Routing Point of Contact. Resource holders will have the opportunity to delegate maintenance of IRR records to a new object called a Routing POC. This POC will be restricted to only add/modify/delete routing related data.
• Object Expiration. Objects in the IRR will be given expiration dates, and notices will be sent to users of pending expirations. Expired objects will not be visible to the public, though they will be placed in a "pending" state to ease re-instatement.

6. Migration of Data. Objects that can be migrated from the current IRR will be migrated to the new IRR and placed in the "pending" state (see above) allowing users an opportunity to review objects before they are made publicly available. Users will be notified of objects in the current IRR that cannot be migrated based on not matching the organization within ARIN's registry, overlapping network ranges with ARIN's registry , etc.

7. Tight coupling to ARIN's registry: Objects placed in the IRR must be authorized by the organization who maintains the object in ARIN's registry.

8. Cooperate on Standards and Best Practices: Where applicable and appropriate, ARIN will work with the IETF and the other RIRs on documenting any resulting operational standards, profiles, and best practices.


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