[DBWG] Update regarding RPKI-IRR integration project

Simon Seruyinda simon at afrinic.net
Fri Oct 11 09:05:59 UTC 2019

Dear DBWG,

Based on the submission from our working group session in Kampala regarding the RPKI-IRR integration, we have divided the project into phases.
Phase one will be to integrate the IRR into myafrinic.

Below is the roadmap.


Min Start date

Max End Date

Add REST API to WHOIS for Management of Objects

11th Sep 2019

24th Sep 2019

Build Interface in myafrinic for members and HM to Manage route(6), autnum and as-set objects

8th Oct 2019

25th Oct 2019

Internal testing of developed features

28th Oct 2019

1st Nov 2019

Deploy features in sandbox environment for community testing

4th Nov 2019

8th Nov 2019

Gather any feedback from community

11th Nov 2019

15th Nov 2019

Make any necessary adjustments based on feedback

18th Nov 2019

22nd Nov 2019

Internal testing of adjustments made

25th Nov 2019

29th Nov 2019

Deployment in production

2nd Dec 2019

6th Dec 2019

Phase 2 shall cover the following activities.



BPKI certificates

· In NMRP the applicant shall specify whether they will use RPKI. If yes, then after resource issuance, they will be invited to generate their BPKI certificate(s). Invitation could be manually sent or via automated notification or banner inside myafrinic


· Similar to route(6) creation, we shall have a wizard. Auto creation is not feasible.

· Members can opt to auto-renew an existing or new roa upon expiry

· Expiry period of each roa shall be configurable by the member

Inconsistency dashboard

Display warnings in the dashboard when

· No existing route(6) objects for resource member (with ASN and IPv4 or IPv6)

· if another Route object is created with different ASN on another IRR

Support for Other IRR objects

Allow members to manage (create update or delete) the following IRR objects in MyAFRINIC

· Route-set

· Inet-rtr

· Filter-set

· Peering-set

· Rtr-set

The schedule for phase 2 shall be shared once we have finalised our activity plan and projects for 2020.

We shall communicate to the DBWG in the event of any adjustments to the time lines or planned activities.
Documentation of the REST API will also be shared once it’s ready.

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