[DBWG] Minutes of the DBWG session held on 16th June 2019

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Tue Jun 25 08:54:05 UTC 2019

On 25 Jun 2019, at 10:28, Simon Seruyinda wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> As you already know, we held our first DBWG session at the AIS 19 in 
> Kampala Uganda.
> We extend our appreciation to all those that managed to attend the 
> session onsite or remotely.
> I have attached the minutes from the session as well as the 
> presentation slides.

hi simon,

thanks for this.

i was one of those in attendance that stressed that afrinic’s primary 
responsibility is to provide accurate information.  my comment was along 
the lines of:  “afrinic should prioritise the accuracy of the 
database, and tools to support this, over projects like meeting apps”. 
  i re-echoed that during the plenary;  as a member, i do not ever want 
to hear that afrinic did not have the resources to do X;  which supports 
your primary objective, but you’ve still engaged in frivolity like a 
“meeting app”.  and whilst i recognise that others might feel that a 
meeting app is important, i submit that making it easier for your 
members to interact with your services, is *more* important, and what i 
expect my member fees to be used for.  i am sure there is a silent 
majority that agrees with me!

note that you’re still missing timelines for when we can expect to see 
these enhancements.  the “dashboard”, as was discussed, is a living 
thing, and i, for one, don’t expect this to 100% populated anytime 
soon.  but i don’t expect you to wait until it covers 100% of your 
service offerings, until you publish it, either ..

that said - thank you for holding this inaugural meeting, and 
congratulations to the first elected co-chair.  i trust the co-chair 
will heed the outcomes of the meeting, and drive the afrinic db team to 
deliver on the recommendations, and meeting’s deliberations.


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