[DBWG] RIPE DB changes

Frank Habicht geier at geier.ne.tz
Mon Aug 27 08:11:21 UTC 2018


What I did with this:

- got the listings of route[6] objects
- saved into file
- $ egrep -v 'remarks: ' tmp/irr_routes1.txt  | sed -e 's/^source:
RIPE-GRS$/source: AFRINIC/g' -e 's/^mnt-by: SimbaTz-mnt$/mnt-by:
SN-MNT\npassword: ***********\nchanged: frank at simbanet.co.tz/g' >

- and looked for obsolete objects or attributes I wanted to remove -
please do that to avoid copying garbage.

pasted the result into
the "Plain text update" of the web whois interface at AfriNIC.

Now I think the AfriNIC DB is up to date and we'll have to ensure our
upstreams (and their upstreams) are using it.


On 22/08/18 23:31, Daniel Shaw wrote:
> On 22/08/2018, 18:13, Frank Habicht	typed:
>> Or alternatively is it possible for AfriNIC to fetch the relevant
>> route[6] objects from RIPE, and for each member with route objects in
>> RIPE (as presented by Alan Barrett yesterday at AfPIF, there are 1068 of
>> these members), please send to the member a text file of objects so that
>> member only needs to add the password and can then paste the txt into an
>> email to auto-db at afrinoc.net .
> Hi Frank, WG,
> Can you take a look here: https://www.afrinic.net/services/afrinic-irr/existing-objects-irr
> If you then search for an example member's ORG-Handle who has RIPE (or APNIC or RADB) objects, and click though the ASN and the IRR source found, do you get the object text in a format you are happy with?
> Regards,
> Daniel

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