[Community-Discuss] Anomalies in AFRINIC 2022 Election Process

Dewole Ajao dewole at forum.org.ng
Wed May 11 20:24:27 UTC 2022

Dear Chair,

Thank you for your response. I believe that where the bylaws say "approved by the board", they did not intend for the custodians of an AFRINIC rubber stamp to meet, stamp "APPROVED", and disperse. It was believed that you the directors would stand in the gap for the membership and do the best that you can.

I'm not sure which one I find more shocking - The fact you as the leader of AFRINIC's board of directors are of the belief that the independence of a committee means that it can do as it pleases in violation of laws that you have been given the most responsibility to uphold OR The fact that you appear unable to comprehend the severity of the issues currently at hand. 

You shared meeting minutes that provide no answers to the questions I raised. What is the definition of "several volunteers"? On what basis were the chosen community representatives appointed? I'm sure you can at least take some responsibility since the committee despite its independence did not create itself.

While thanking you for your response, I must also register my concern about the manner in which you address member concerns. Please clarify, Mr Chair: Are you saying there is no problem or are you saying it is not your problem to fix? 

Dewole Ajao.

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Dear Mr Ajao,

The Nomination Committee was appointed on 19 March [1].  The 
Nomination Committee works as an independent committee.  There is 
information about the Nomination Committee in the election process 
document [2].

S. Moonesamy

1. https://www.afrinic.net/ast/pdf/2022-minutes/20220319-minutes.pdf
2. https://www.afrinic.net/election-process/board/2022

Board Chair, AFRINIC

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