[Community-Discuss] Announcement of Final Candidate Slate for AFRINIC Board Elections

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Thank you very much for the published candidates slate, Noah Maina (Nomcom Chair), Ali Hadji Mmadi (Member), Bill Sangiwa(Member), and Dr Abdalla Omari (Board representative). I believe you must have worked hard on this selection.  As a resource member in good standing, my organization nominated and got a seconder (also in good standing) for a proposed candidate. We however do not see the name on the published candidate slate despite this person being well qualified to be a valuable director on the board of Afrinic if given a chance.According to section 12.14 of the bylaws of Afrinic, "Each Member may nominate one individual who shall be eligible to be elected as a Director..."Because we are very much aware that the individual we nominated also meets the requirements of Section 13.12 of the bylaws of Afrinic in which the Nomcom is empowered to seek "additional conditions for the eligibility of candidates to the position of Board Directors", we hereby request that Nomcom  provide details about how this individual was found ineligible or if it is a publishing error, that the error be corrected *before the public comments period is allowed to commence*       I trust that this will get the urgent attention it deserves as a matter critical to this organization and the upcoming members' meeting.Sincerely,Ms Rashida Umar
-------- Original message --------From: AFRINIC Communication <comms at afrinic.net> Date: 10/05/2022  4:28 pm  (GMT+01:00) To: General Discussions of AFRINIC <community-discuss at afrinic.net> Subject: [Community-Discuss] Announcement of Final Candidate Slate for	AFRINIC Board Elections Dear Members and Community,NOMCOM 2022 is pleased to announce the following final candidates slate for each respective seat on the AFRINIC Board:Candidates Full Names for the Region: Northern Africa | Seat 11. Prof. Habib Youssef  - CV available at https://afrinic.net/habib-youssefCandidates Full Names for the Region: Western Africa | Seat 2 2. Mr. Amin A. Dayekh - CV available at  https://afrinic.net/mr-amin-dayekh3. Dr. Emmanuel Adewale Adedokun - CV available at https://afrinic.net/emmanuel-adewaleCandidates Full Names for the Region: Independent | Seat 74. Mrs Clara Mramba - CV available at https://afrinic.net/clara-mramba 5. Mrs Grace Githaiga - CV available at https://afrinic.net/grace-githaigaFull candidates information has been published at https://afrinic.net/participate/election-process/bod-candidates-slate-2022x The community and members are hereby invited to view candidates details and express any comments about the suitability of the candidates for the board position using the comment section at the URL above.This time the election will be conducted both in-person on the AGMM date and electronically; electronic voting will start on 19th May 2022. Electronic voting will be available on MyAFRINIC Portal https://my.afrinic.netInformation about electronic voting is available at: https://afrinic.net/election-processPlease read the AFRINIC Privacy Policy at https://www.afrinic.net/privacyFor any queries or clarification, please contact the nominations committee by email at nomcom2022[at]afrinic.netAFRINIC NOMCOM 2022………………………………………………………………Chers membres et communauté,NOMCOM 2022 a le plaisir d'annoncer la liste finale des candidats suivants pour chaque siège respectif au conseil d'administration d'AFRINIC :Noms complets des candidats pour la région : Afrique du Nord | Siège 11. Prof. Habib Youssef - CV disponible sur https://afrinic.net/habib-youssefCandidats Noms complets pour la région : Afrique de l'Ouest | Siège 2 2. M. Amin A. Dayekh - CV disponible sur https://afrinic.net/mr-amin-dayekh3. Dr. Emmanuel Adewale Adedokun - CV disponible sur https://afrinic.net/emmanuel-adewaleNoms complets des candidats pour la région : Indépendant | Siège 74. Mme Clara Mramba - CV disponible sur https://afrinic.net/clara-mramba 5. Mme Grace Githaiga - CV disponible sur https://afrinic.net/grace-githaigaLes informations complètes sur les candidats ont été publiées sur https://afrinic.net/participate/election-process/bod-candidates-slate-2022x La communauté et les membres sont invités à consulter les détails des candidats et à exprimer tout commentaire sur la convenance des candidats au poste de membre du conseil d'administration en utilisant la section commentaire à l'URL ci-dessus.Cette fois, l'élection se déroulera à la fois en personne à la date de l'AGMM et par voie électronique ; le vote électronique commencera le 19 mai 2022. Le vote électronique sera disponible sur le portail MyAFRINIC https://my.afrinic.net.Des informations sur le vote électronique sont disponibles sur : https://afrinic.net/election-processVeuillez lire la politique de confidentialité d'AFRINIC à l'adresse https://www.afrinic.net/privacy.Pour toute question ou clarification, veuillez contacter le comité des nominations par email à nomcom2022[at]afrinic.netAFRINIC NOMCOM 2022…………………………………………………………………………أعزائي الأعضاء والمجتمع ،يسر NOMCOM 2022 أن تعلن عن قائمة المرشحين النهائية التالية لكل مقعد على حدة في مجلس إدارة AFRINIC:الأسماء الكاملة للمرشحين للمنطقة: شمال إفريقيا | المقعد 11. الأستاذ حبيب يوسف - السيرة الذاتية متوفرة على https://afrinic.net/habib-youssefالأسماء الكاملة للمرشحين للمنطقة: غرب إفريقيا | المقعد 22. السيد أمين أ.دايك - السيرة الذاتية متوفرة على https://afrinic.net/mr-amin-dayekh3. د.إيمانويل أديوال أديوكون - السيرة الذاتية متاحة على https://afrinic.net/emmanuel-adewaleالأسماء الكاملة للمرشحين للمنطقة: مستقل | مقعد 74. السيدة كلارا مرامبا - السيرة الذاتية متوفرة على https://afrinic.net/clara-mramba5. السيدة Grace Githaiga - السيرة الذاتية متاحة على https://afrinic.net/grace-githaigaتم نشر معلومات المرشحين الكاملة على https://afrinic.net/participate/election-process/bod-candidates-slate-2022xتتم دعوة المجتمع والأعضاء لعرض تفاصيل المرشحين والتعبير عن أي تعليقات حول مدى ملاءمة المرشحين لمنصب مجلس الإدارة باستخدام قسم التعليقات في عنوان URL أعلاه.هذه المرة ستجرى الانتخابات شخصيًا في تاريخ AGMM وإلكترونيًا ؛ سيبدأ التصويت الإلكتروني في 19 مايو 2022.سيكون التصويت الإلكتروني متاحًا على بوابة MyAFRINIC https://my.afrinic.netتتوفر معلومات حول التصويت الإلكتروني على: https://afrinic.net/election-processيرجى قراءة سياسة الخصوصية AFRINIC على https://www.afrinic.net/privacyلأية استفسارات أو توضيحات ، يرجى الاتصال بلجنة الترشيحات عبر البريد الإلكتروني على nomcom2022 [at] afrinic.netأفرينك نومكوم 2022……………………………………………………………………….Caros Membros e Comunidade,NOMCOM 2022 tem o prazer de anunciar os seguintes candidatos finais para cada lugar respectivo no Conselho AFRINIC:Nomes completos dos candidatos para a Região: África do Norte | Lugar 11. Prof. Habib Youssef - CV disponível em https://afrinic.net/habib-youssefCandidatos Nomes Completos para a Região: África Ocidental | Lugar 2 2. Sr. Amin A. Dayekh - CV disponível em https://afrinic.net/mr-amin-dayekh3. Dr. Emmanuel Adewale Adedokun - CV disponível em https://afrinic.net/emmanuel-adewaleCandidatos Nomes Completos para a Região: Independente | Lugar 74. Sra. Clara Mramba - CV disponível em https://afrinic.net/clara-mramba 5. Sra. Grace Githaiga - CV disponível em https://afrinic.net/grace-githaigaInformação completa sobre os candidatos foi publicada em https://afrinic.net/participate/election-process/bod-candidates-slate-2022x A comunidade e os membros são convidados a ver os detalhes dos candidatos e a expressar quaisquer comentários sobre a aptidão dos candidatos para o cargo de direcção utilizando a secção de comentários no URL acima.Desta vez, a eleição será realizada pessoalmente na data da AGMM e electronicamente; a votação electrónica terá início a 19 de Maio de 2022. A votação electrónica estará disponível no Portal MyAFRINIC https://my.afrinic.netA informação sobre votação electrónica está disponível em: https://afrinic.net/election-processPor favor leia a Política de Privacidade AFRINIC em https://www.afrinic.net/privacyPara qualquer questão ou esclarecimento, por favor contacte o comité de nomeações por e-mail para nomcom2022[at]afrinic.netAFRINIC NOMCOM 2022
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