[Community-Discuss] AFRINIC silent on mediation

tech tech at cloudinnovation.org
Tue Jun 28 18:40:19 UTC 2022

Cloud Innovation committed to confirm if AFRINIC agreed to participate in our offer for private mediation.  The deadline for AFRINIC to respond passed last night . Unfortunately, AFRINIC ignored the non-conditional offer to enter into confidential negotiations to settle the issues subject to on-going litigation and therefore we have concluded rejected our offer of mediation.

The issues raised by Cloud Innovation, and other members of AFRINIC, are of global importance and sitting down to discuss the issues would have only benefited the world’s internet users. In any dispute, it is normal for willing parties to enter mediation.

Cloud Innovation were disappointed that AFRNIC did not have the decency to even acknowledge our open and transparent offer. Whatever your view on the issues at hand, the failure to agree to mediation illustrates a total failure in leadership, transparency and ethics. It shows contempt of members, a reputation, and the spirit of the law. We are very disappointed to have to share this news with you, but do so in the spirit of transparency and openness.

Our full press release can be found at link below:https://cloudinnovation.org/press-release4.html
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