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Thu Jun 23 17:23:50 UTC 2022

It is of great concern that we have taken note of highly defamatory allegations by Amin Dayekh and on behalf of MegaMore Broadband. We wish to inform the community at large that those allegations are denied in the strongest possible terms. 

Members should note that this matter is subject to judicial proceedings whereby we are seeking for justice against said entities. Any repetition by the entities or repetition of the claims by anyone else will be subject to further judicial proceedings.

We also regret the timing of those defamations when we are concentrating all our efforts and resources to find a mediated solution to the on going litigations. We are still awaiting a formal response from AFRINIC for our request for mediation.

---- Amin Dayekh <admin at megamore.ng> 在 星期四, 23 六月 2022 15:06:20 +0400 写到:---

Hi Noah

Someone will send you an email now asking what do you mean by "other channels" and why would there be other channels and who are the other channels lol

On Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 11:47 AM Noah <mailto:noah at neo.co.tz> wrote:

Hi Badru/Amin,

More importantly, every resource member who was disrespected by these actors ought to speak out and not keep silent. 

Most of you have reached out and talked to some of us and how you detest all manipulative attempts by these very actors.

There are more damning things out there that have been happening and the management at AFRINIC has been made aware through other channels.


neo - network engineering and operations

On Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 1:26 PM Badru Ntege <mailto:badru.ntege at nftconsult.com> wrote:

Its sad and painful that this is happening.  We as a community need to finally understand that AfriNIC is under serious threat and come together as one to correct whatever opened this


Lets forget our differences for the sake of AfriNIC.  Differences are healthy when operating normally as they help us all look at different view points and embrace the diversity we  have
 as a region.


For now I ask we come together and protect our resources from the looters in our midst.









From: Amin Dayekh <mailto:admin at megamore.ng>
 Date: Thursday, 23 June 2022 at 11:51
 To: AfriNIC Discuss <mailto:members-discuss at afrinic.net>
 Subject: [members-discuss] Fwd: NRA/NRS petitions on behalf of Members


Dear Community,


Following the freeze of Afrinic's bank account, and according to the video published here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32xCurWfJo4&t=11s I was contacted (Again but this time on behalf of NRA/NRS Larus and cloud innovation, we may explain the first encounter later) by Ms. Meriem Dayedaye, from Morocco with phone number +212607925078 mailto:m.dayedaye at nrs.help mailto:dym5328 at gmail.com 


She and other Chinese Colleagues called me on phone first, then we communicated on WhatsApp, discussing a Lot about the Afrinic Freeze of Account and how that will affect us as members. They thought that they
 will fool us and provided the solution to us: Join NRA, SIGN a Letter to AfriNIC Board, and Sign a letter to NRO, but first, you must be a member of NRA/NRS and sign NDA.


Attached are the documents and below is the email, I cannot find the right words for the pressure they put to get the documents signed. As it is evident in the letters and communication, they are presenting
 themselves the angels and saviors.



During this time I communicated with AfriNIC to know what is the story.


communication continued and on July 30, 2021, need to check the emails well they communicated again with an updated letter titled Anti-trust action against AFRINIC in Mauritius - Terms of Engagement on APPLEBY
 Letter Headed paper, ( I CANNOT VERIFY IF APPLEBY IS AWARE of THIS, BUT AS A LAW FIRM THEY SHOULD KNOW WELL THAT THIS LETTER BEING SENT BY ANOTHER PARTY AS IT IS A REGULATORY ISSUE). Attached is the engagement letter. In this letter, Cloud Innovation will pay the legal expenses. In return we get a free /24 prefix and I quote based on q&a: worth 1500$, donated by one of their clients CI (speculation-to
 prove that the ip resources are being used in africa), we can use it as long as the member doesn't need it for the meantime etc... To do the right thing there should be no award nor reward nor compensation! if this is not a bribe and conspiracy to wind down
 afrinic and defame its members and the board, then, what is this exactly?



the ipv4 free lease captured in an email by Lamiaa in October and it was the discussion since the beginning with Meriem and Vivien





The campaign, the email, and discussions built on a single fact that the bank account is frozen, but they did not say by who nor that they are part of this, but they were fully ignorant to share the APPLEBY
 document. in their attempts, I have seen intimidation on the fate of the IP resources and urging me to sign as if AfriNIC is closing now and after a few hours the IP resources I have will stop. Those who would like the screenshots of the chat are free to request


It is worth Mentioning that One Melvin Cheng (+85295755408 communicated from China, MS. Meriem introduced me to Her Boss (Ms Vivien) and Miss Vivien communicated with me on Zoom and Lu Heng was with on zoom
 - Just to connect the dots briefly.


the bribe for the vote came later and will be sent via another email.

I sent a letter to NCC in August 2021 with all pieces of evidence I have then.


The first encounter with Meriem was in June 2021 for the elections, she was on the Campaign team of one Nominee.


Happy fishing


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