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> Hi Owen,
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>> It would be legitimate to insist that only one of those members of the “representative team” do the speaking and voting on behalf of the entire representative team, but limiting the online presence only to one representative per organization is unreasonable.
> I will not support that only one person from the “representative team” to do the speaking. Technical, legal and financials are three distinct subjects and I do not find it exaggerated if an organisation would like to have a three-member representative to speak on these subjects individually during the AGMM.

If you have a group representative, it should speak with one voice. They may discuss amongst themselves what that one voice will say, but there should be a designated spokesman.

Anything else is an opportunity for either chaos or overrepresentation.

>> Further, there is very long and well established precedence against such a restriction. Any change of such magnitude should certainly come with sufficient notice for the change to be considered, deliberated, and either agreed or rejected by the membership.
> Yes, indeed. I agree with you. The online restriction should have been communicated to members much in advance. Those who oppose the restriction would get ample time to discuss with AFRINIC or seek appropriate advice.

Or even obtain the injunctions necessary to get a court ruling on the matter prior to allowing the meeting to proceed in such a way.

Almost certainly, the short notice of this change was a deliberate act by the board to pervert the course of justice.


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