Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu Jun 2 16:23:49 UTC 2022

> There are always other options.  If not, then why does every country on earth
> employ its own diplomatic corp?

You are right… For example, the UA could have chosen to fight Mr. Putin as they have,
or I suppose they could have allowed their country and culture to be destroyed and
annexed into Russia as Mr. Putin desires.

Most of the time when people say “there was no choice”, they really do mean that the
contrasting choices were so stark as to make one choice obvious vs. the other being
completely unacceptable.

> Andrew is right, of course, to lament the high costs of traditional legal actions.

> But in which instances has AFRINIC initiated those costly legal actions?  None,
> I gather.  It therefore seems rather disingenuous, from where I am sitting, for
> anyone to bemoan these high costs if that party or parties are also associated
> in any way with the genesis of any of the costly legal actions in question.

So you suggest what alternative? In the face of the various gross misdeeds by the
AFRINIC board, including their tampering in the election to avoid a free and fair
election bringing forth candidates which would not necessarily support their continued
corruption, what alternative other than litigation exists that would be equally palatable?


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