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Hi Noah,

> On 1 Jun 2022, at 23:25, Noah <noah at neo.co.tz> wrote:
> English is not my lingo as Swahili was my first language and primary language but I tend to think that the meaning changes depending on how words are contracted together.
> 1. A representative of....
> 2. Representatives of....
> 3. Representative
> 4. Representatives...
> Do all the above have the same meaning.

No, the above do not have the same meaning.

Let me put this differently. When we go to the open mic and we state our name & affiliation, what is the purpose of that? The affiliation matters more than the name. Two persons affiliated with the same organisation cannot be counted as a plural representation because the affiliation is singular.



Ish Sookun

Systems Architect @ La Sentinelle Ltd
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