[Community-Discuss] Clarifications & Clear Support to the INRS, to AfriNIC and its Regional Community

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Dear AfriNIC's Community,

Hope this email finds you in good health!

Le ven. 27 août 2021 à 22:19, Paul Wollner <paul.wollner at africaoncloud.net>
a écrit :

> There are always two sides to a story.


> There are always two sides to a story.

> https://lists.arin.net/pipermail/arin-ppml/2021-August/068571.html



Hi Paul,
Thanks for contributing to put all those interesting
materials together here [1], brother ;-)

...there you go [2]! just in time, another well appreciated support from
Hans Petter Holen, the Managing Director of the RIPE NCC (the
chair of the Number Resource Organisation (NRO) Executive Council.).
Now! two Regional RIRs have affirmed their support to AfriNIC,
to the INRS (RFC7020) and to the AfriNIC's Internet Community.
...i'm really thankful to Hans, to RIPE NCC and to RIPE simply ;-)
[1]: [Community-Discuss] Clarifications & Clear Support to the INRS, to
AfriNIC and its Regional Community
[2]: Supporting the Internet Number Registry System | RIPE Labs

Support for AFRINIC
This said, we are absolutely committed to supporting the Internet Number
Registry system,
of which AFRINIC is an integral part. Although we will not become involved
in any additional
registry activity, we do stand ready to support our colleagues in AFRINIC.

The RIRs have committed to assist each other in-kind and financially if
this should be
necessary to protect the integrity of any RIR’s Internet registry services.
The RIR Joint
Stability Fund is the mechanism through which this assistance can be
provided should
AFRINIC request that it be activated. However, AFRINIC has not yet formally
that this fund be activated. We are, however, prepared to do so, and the
RIPE NCC Executive
Board Meeting on 19 August, the Board unanimously adopted the following

“The RIPE NCC Executive Board authorises the RIPE NCC Managing Director to
review and
act on behalf of the RIPE NCC on any request for the activation of the RIR
Joint Stability Fund,
in case such request is formally submitted by AFRINIC within a three month
period from the
date of this resolution and according to the process described here:
Further, the RIPE NCC Executive Board allows for RIR activities that are
related to AFRINIC
operations to qualify for support from this Fund, provided that this is
formally requested by
Finally, the RIRs receive their mandate to operate from their communities.
We have been
greatly impressed by the strong statements of support AFRINIC has received
from its
community and from across the wider Internet industry. We have faith in the
ability of the
African Internet community to resolve this situation without undue damage
to the very
system that has been so beneficial to the sustainable growth of the
Internet as we know
it today.

...i have pasted a small piece, but please go to the source [2],
to get the full context...icymi!


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> ---- On Fri, 27 Aug 2021 21:31:10 +0200 *Sylvain Baya <abscoco at gmail.com

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> Dear AfriNIC's Community,


> Hope this email finds you in good health...


> ...i'm really thankful to John for his clear support

> to the Internet Numbers Registry System (INRS)

> aka RFC7020 [1] and to its kind words and support

> both to AfriNIC and its *Regional* (Internet) community. Remain blessed

> brother!

> __

> [1]: <https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7020>


> ~°~

> "[...]

> If AFRINIC requests support in accordance with

> the Joint RIR Stability Fund, ARIN will support

> such a request. Furthermore, and without

> reservation, ARIN stands by its unwavering

> commitment to support AFRINIC and will take any

> and all measures necessary to ensure that neither

> the African networking community, nor the global

> Internet number registry system, is operationally

> impacted during this period. AFRINIC was formed

> (and has accomplished so much) for the benefit of

> the African networking community and ARIN

> stands with the community in dealing with those

> who seek to disrupt or exploit it for their own benefit.

> [...]"

> ~°~


> ...icymi, please read the full blog post here [2].

> __

> [2]: <

> https://teamarin.net/2021/08/27/afrinic-and-the-stability-of-the-internet-number-registry-system/

> >


> Shalom,

> --sb.

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