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JORDI PALET MARTINEZ jordi.palet at consulintel.es
Wed Oct 13 09:01:39 UTC 2021

I did a quick read. I need to review my notes/emails from previous rounds, but it will be nice if the staff can explain if something that we discussed in the list hasn't been considered, why.

At a first sight, still missing several key things, specially under the Mauritius law, such as personal data protection (by collecting emails, phones, etc. from mailing lists and whois) and using them for purposes such as spam (by email, phone or any other means), electoral campaigning, etc.

I really hope we can get further info about all that soon.


El 13/10/21 9:09, "AFRINIC Communication" <comms at afrinic.net> escribió:

    [French, Portuguese, Arabic versions below]

    Dear colleagues,

    It is with great pleasure that we announce  the publication of a new version of the AFRINIC Code of Conduct, with effect from 6 October 2021 at : https://www.afrinic.net/code

    The revised Code of Conduct is the result of a review exercise conducted by the Governance Committee in consultation with  the AFRINIC community.

    We encourage our community members to take cognisance of the content of this revised Code of Conduct which includes, inter-alia,  a new section on “Understanding the Warning Process on the AFRINIC mailing lists”. 

    AFRINIC Communications


    Chers collègues,

    C'est avec grand plaisir que nous vous annonçons la publication d'une nouvelle version du Code de conduite d'AFRINIC, avec effet au 6 octobre 2021.

    Le Code de conduite révisé est le résultat d'un exercice de revue mené par le Comité de gouvernance en consultation avec la communauté d'AFRINIC.

    Nous encourageons les membres de notre communauté à prendre connaissance du contenu de ce Code de conduite révisé qui comprend, entre autres, une nouvelle section intitulée "Understanding the Warning Process on the AFRINIC mailing lists".

    Communications AFRINIC


    زملائي الاعزاء،

    إنه لمن دواعي سروري أن نعلن عن نشر نسخة جديدة من مدونة قواعد السلوك AFRINIC ، اعتبارًا من 6 أكتوبر 2021 على: https://www.afrinic.net/code

    مدونة قواعد السلوك المعدلة هي نتيجة لعملية مراجعة أجرتها لجنة الحوكمة بالتشاور مع مجتمع AFRINIC.

    نحن نشجع أعضاء مجتمعنا على الإلمام بمحتوى مدونة قواعد السلوك المنقحة هذه والتي تتضمن ، من بين أمور أخرى ، قسمًا جديدًا حول "فهم عملية التحذير في القوائم البريدية لـ AFRINIC".

    AFRINIC للاتصالات


    Caros colegas,

    É com grande prazer que anunciamos a publicação de uma nova versão do Código de Conduta AFRINIC, com efeito a partir de 6 de outubro de 2021.

    A revisão do Código de Conduta é o resultado de um exercício de revisão conduzido pelo Comitê de Governança, em consulta com a comunidade AFRINIC.

    Nós encorajamos nossos membros da comunidade a tomar conhecimento do conteúdo deste Código de Conduta revisado que inclui, entre outras coisas, uma nova seção sobre "Compreendendo o processo de advertência nas listas de correio da AFRINIC".

    Comunicações AFRINIC
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