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>> > I will add more actors as we go alone so that we can get to the TRUTH
>> based on some facts :-).
>> It is my experience that actors specialize in drama, comedy, fantasy, and
>> emotion. Rarely do they bring fact to bear.
>> Owen
> YMMV (as expected) but I and many others are thankful for the facts that
> Niah has been sharing.

Hi Omo

Thanks bro and to be honest, Owen's client Lu is in Mauritius supreme court
with the below suit.

**Case #5: Cloud Innovation Ltd vs AFRINIC (SC/COM/MOT/000382/2021)
On 07 July 2021, Cloud Innovation Ltd initiated an application for
Injunction against AFRINIC requiring its board of directors to ratify a
certain resource transfer policy. The matter is resisted by AFRINIC and is

If we all remember, that controversial **Resource Transfer Policy**  is
under two separate PDWG appeals for all is various versions 2, 3 and 4 as
per the unprecidented timeliness and changes within 2 months below.

05 Oct. 2020 Version 4:  AFPUB-2019-V4-003-DRAFT04

22 Sept 2020 Version 3:  AFPUB-2019-V4-003-DRAFT03

13 Aug 2020 Version 2:  AFPUB-2019-V4-003-DRAFT02

No draft proposal has ever been rushed through the PDP like the **Resource
Transfer Policy**.

If we all remember, former co-chair Abdulkarim controversially declared
rough consensus,  consensus, no consensus then consensus on that policy
against the wishes of the PDWG. This action was also unprecedented and we
were all left wondering what the rush was for a proposal that had serious
valid objections.

As far as we know, that policy never obtained PDWG consensus and the facts
are all laid down in the two appeals that the PDWG submitted to the Appeal

I know for a fact that Lu Heng was behind the resource transfer policy in
collaboration with its two authors.  There some private emails to this
effect which I can share with the community in case I get permission from
the sender.

I also know for a fact that my brother Abdulkarim never sent the email he
claimed to have sent to the AFRINIC board. This is from a conversation I
had with a relevant party close to the matter.

As for Owen, we will always agree to disagree but I don't care much about
Owens actions as much as I care about my brother Abdulkarim and his actions.

Bottomline, there is some dishonesty that went on that has led us to this
point where there is an attempt by some actors to hijack the bottomup
community mandate through the mauritius supreme court.

I call on the relevant parties to speak out as mine would be secondary
information since the community would do well if they hard from you
directly. I believe if you are reading this, you know yourselves.

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