[Community-Discuss] Enforcing the Code of Conduct

AFRINIC Communication comms at afrinic.net
Mon Oct 4 09:18:49 UTC 2021

Dear community members,

The AFRINIC community mailing list has been observing a large volume of traffic lately mostly related to the ongoing legal issues AFRINIC is currently undergoing.

It is understandable that different sides and individuals will have apposing views and perspectives on the situation. AFRINIC has  always endeavoured to create an open and safe space for sharing thoughts, comments and critics as long as they were done in a constructive, useful manner and without any personal attacks.

We had made it a point of not interfering with the flow of the discussions recently and have settled with sending reminders.

However and despite the several reminders sent to this list on the Code of Conduct, we continue to see several potential breaches and personal attacks being thrown against community members and this is not acceptable. 

Moving forward, AFRINIC will not tolerate any misdeeds on this mailing list. 

Once a breach is reported, AFRINIC will take immediate actions and offenders will be subject immediately to a moderation for a period of 30 days (https://www.afrinic.net/code). 

It is now time that we put our acts together as a community and as always we rely on your support and understanding.

AFRINIC Communications

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