[Community-Discuss] Afrinic Monthly Updates - May 2021

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu May 20 06:58:55 UTC 2021

I’m curious, Eddy,

What is there in the CPM that distinguishes leasing with connectivity services included (or sold separately) from leasing without them?

Seems a distinction without a difference to me.


> On May 19, 2021, at 23:41 , Eddy Kayihura <eddy at afrinic.net> wrote:


> Leasing Unused IPv4 address and the CPM

> On 13 May 2021, a circulating email to AFRINIC's Resource Members purported to provide assistance to Resource Members who wished to lease unused IPv4 address blocks. As a reminder, the allocation of IP Number Resources is effected on a strict-need basis according to the provisions of the Registration Service Agreement (RSA). Members should notify AFRINIC about any change impacting allocated IP Number resources and surrender to AFRINIC any IP number resources no longer required. Stock-piling of allocated IP number resources is strictly prohibited as outlined in the Consolidated Policy Manual (CPM). We are planning to have a series of webinars in the coming weeks on CPM.


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