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Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Wed Mar 24 20:15:27 UTC 2021

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AFRINIC Communication <comms at afrinic.net> wrote:

>Mr. Guilmette, how the organization plans to reclaim back every single

>African IP address that was misappropriated over the years and how

>AFRINIC plans to hold those responsible for these acts accountable is

>not a matter of public record at this point in time.

I am, as should now be obvious, far more concerned with the latter
than with the former at this moment in time.

And since you are quite self-evidently evading and avoiding providing
any answer at all with respect to "holding those responsible accountable"
you force me to once again repeat my primary question: Why? Why is it
that, after a year and a half, the members and the community still know
absolutely nothing about the progress of the case against Ernest, or
conversely, the utter lack thereof? Why is every last detail about
this still, and to this day, shrouded in secrecy? Why is this still,
after a year and a half, "not a matter of public record"? And whose
benefit is served by sweeping this whole matter, and the status of the
man primarly responsible for these thefts under the carpet?

I have asked an even much simpler question, to which I have also gotten
no response, no matter how many different ways I have tried, publicly,
privately, and every possibility in between: Has anyone in AFRINIC even
lifted a finger to so much as make a simple follow-up inquiry to the
Mauritian police about this case within the entire past year? And if
not, why not?

Obviously, even that minimalist step has not been done. If it had been,
then you would be here crowing about it.

This isn't about headlines. This is about justice, and about how AFRINIC
seems intent on effectively turning a blind eye towards even the most
extraordinary and eggregious criminal behavior, at least when it is
perpetrated by one of its own highly placed staff insiders.

Prove me wrong.

This also isn't about "priorities". It would take ten minutes for either
Eddy or any board member to call up the Mauritian police and just say
"Hey! Remember that case of grand theft that we reported to you more
than a year ago now? What ever happened to that?"

This small investment of ten minutes is hardly going to interfere with
whatever other grand plans and long term projects AFRINIC may be working
on at the moment.

The fact that neither Eddy nor any board member is even willing to invest
a mere ten minutes to make such a simple and reasonable follow-up inquiry
is quite certainly suggestive, not merely of apathy, but of a deliberate
decision, made in bad faith, to quietly let the wole matter drop.... because
after all "Ernest was one of us."


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