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Brian Sowers b.sowers154 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 16:11:08 UTC 2021

Ronald F. Guilmette,

I’ll admit I had difficulty reading your response because it consisted of so many logical fallacies. The community discussion board is only as useful as it’s discussions, obviously, and the composition of your response fails to meet that end. 1: You straw man Paul’s argument by taking up a cause no one was discussing. Global capitalism? Paul is raising the issue of a global internet for all so please spare us your 2: disastrous appeal to emotion by introducing a theoretical Kenyan sharecropper’s hardships. If anything, Paul’s proposal carries the implication that the internet is the very tool to relieve the economic toil you brought up. 3: Once again, you skew Paul’s argument to fit your own. From Paul-

“The membership
simply do not know how many litigants there are knocking at Afrinic… but it is quite clear that there are several cases that need to be handled appropriately and to date the organization has crafted an environment favouring a litigious approach.”

It would be helpful if you included the full quote. In essence, you’ve validated his argument. Litigants are approaching because of the opportunity the environment that which AFRINIC has facilitated-through its own action-for litigious action from organizations.

I have seen your prior posts and it is clear you are at the end of your patience. Your sarcasm/trolling is prevalent and can be easily reported in violation of the CoC. For the sake of us all the community, please offer valid counter arguments.

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