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On Thu, 29 Jul 2021, 01:44 Ronald F. Guilmette, <rfg at tristatelogic.com>

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> Noah <noah at neo.co.tz> wrote:


> >In the last board elections where Elkins defeated Paul Wolner, there were

> >multiple resource members who received phone calls from HongKong asking

> >them to vote for Wolner.


> In my view, these allegations were never proven, and even if they

> were, so what?


Do ARIN members receive phone calls from Hongkong asking the resource
members to vote for a specific ARIC AC member as an example? Or for that
matter to LACNIC candidates for board get the "vote for x candidate" calls
from AFRICA?

Larus is based in Hongkong and its safe to assume that Paul Wolner campaign
manager who was WhatsApp calling people is associated.

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