[Community-Discuss] Bridge Financing

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Thu Jul 29 07:32:38 UTC 2021

In message <A9DBA0B3-B4B6-4970-8EFC-3047355FB5A4 at delong.com>,
Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> wrote:

>So far, we have no indication that the stability fund has actually

>agreed to support AFRINIC (requires unanimous consent of all 5 RIR

>CEOs), nor do we have any confirmation that this is the alleged

>alternative source of funding. Indeed, AFRINIC has been quite opaque

>about where these alternate funds are coming from, possibly because they

>are concerned about their secret stash of cash also getting attached.

Since I am in a position to do so, I'd like to help clear up this
mystery now so as to prevent there from being any idle speculation on
this mailing list. (It would be a real pity if the worldwide reputation
of this mailing list for being a source of nothing but factual information
were to be tarnished at this late date on the basis of any unsupported
speculations that might, in future, be posted here.)

In light of AFRINIC's current financial predicament, and through my
personal international banking connections, I have graciously agreed
to facilitate a short term and very limited set of bridge financing
arrangements for AFRINIC. In order to forestall any possible suspicions
that these financing arrangements might be provided by persons or
entities outside of the AFRINIC region who might have less than noble
motives, as an integral part of these arrangements I have enlisted the
assistance of my old friend and mentor, Prince Oogalaboogala of Nigeria.
He has provided me with the utmost and most solemn assurances that as
soon as I am able to to effectuate a bank transfer to him of $695 USD
(in order to cover ceratin unavoidable and associated out-of-pocket
fees and costs) that he will then be in a postion to provide AFRINIC
with a guaranteed credit line, up to the amount of 50 million Mauritian
rupees (some $1,168,862.50 USD) in order to provide for daily operational
expenses @ AFRINIC. The entire amount of this bridge financing will
itself of course be subject to Mauritian legal action, if and when it
should come to that.

I hope that this public disclosure on my part puts the matter to rest.
I can certainly understand the concern of both Owen and Cloud Innovation
that in the event that the latter ultimately prevails in court, thus
bankrupting AFRINIC, it would be self-evidently unfair for it to then
be denied full rights to also check between the couch cushions in the
AFRINIC break room for any possible remaining loose change, or for any
as-yet undonated blood plasma.


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