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It is a political game. Hence my post of yesterday. This is a wider
conversation about African Internet Resources and who controls them. Let's
be very careful not to be looped into non-issues. The MOST IMPORTANT
conversation we MUST have is this:-

1. Who controls AFRINIC today.
2. Who will control it tomorrow.
3. Who is out to ensure that Board Members are aligned to which grouping.
4. Who are these groups?
5. Corporate Governance is a major issue here. Whilst I believe this is
being handled and that it's a process we must be clear going forward that
shedding light on all matters is super-critical. Light has a way of
removing all crawling things out of the shadows and into the light. The
Board's Fiduciary Responsibility has never been more important than ever.

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On Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 9:46 AM Leo S <leoso at afcast.com> wrote:

> Very funny, it looks like a political game


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>>> wrote:



>>> In any case, the data at the link above demonstrates quite persuasively

>>> that

>>> there *is* some finite non-zero business relationship between Africa on

>>> Cloud

>>> on the one hand and Cloud Innovation on the other hand. I personally

>>> have

>>> no idea what that relationship is, or what it may signify, and thus I

>>> personally do not care to jump to any specific conclusion about that

>>> relationship, or its possible significance or insignificance. But to try

>>> to deny that there exists -any- relationship whatsoever, in spite of the

>>> clear evidence, is worse than disingenuous. It is silly.



>>> I did not deny that a relationship exists. I pointed out that there is

>>> no evidence presented to indicate that it is anything more than

>>> customer/supplier.



>> In the last board elections where Elkins defeated Paul Wolner, there were

>> multiple resource members who received phone calls from HongKong asking

>> them to vote for Wolner.


>> Check the archives.


>> Noah

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