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Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed Jul 28 02:35:42 UTC 2021

> On Jul 27, 2021, at 13:27 , Barry Macharia <barry.macharia at me.com> wrote:


> This is loud and clear


> Afrinic resource are meant for African region, is that also loud and clear too.

Please provide a reference for this statement in any of the governing documents that covers more than just the
addresses issued after soft landing exhaustion phase 1 began.


> The below Cloud Innovation non-legacy resources were allocated so that they are used as per bylaws to enable African Internet development.


> - 2+ Million IP Addresses

> - 2+ Million IP Addresses

> - 1+ Million IP Addresses

> - 1+ Million IP Addresses

If you are claiming that the bylaws state that all addresses must be used to enable African Internet Development,
you will need to back that up with a reference to the specific section(s) of the bylaws where this is stated.

Otherwise, I will presume that your statement applies to the general requirement in the bylaws that the member
must provide services within the region.

> The defenders of CIL , do you use the above resources in africa???

Yes, some of those addresses are deployed and providing services in Africa.

> If so show us the evidence you do.

Among others: thru (Cloud Innovation Infrastructure ZA) thru (China Telecom Sout Africa ZA)

This just a quick sample from scrolling through the one whois query against one prefix.

I’m not going to spend hours tracking down a bunch fo data that you can easily get from
WHOIS yourself. I’ve proven that we have operations in Africa and that we have customers
using our address space in Africa with the above two groups of prefixes.

Now, can you provide proof of any of your claims above?

> Trying to bottleneck the organisation will not happen under this communities and majority of resource members watch.

Bottleneck? Not sure of your meaning here. We are merely seeking to hold AFRINIC to its own rules as written and
to continue our operations within those rules as they have been for several years.


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