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> PS: I count connectivity to a VM hosted by CI as ok, but not leasing

> just the IP to an entity without providing them any connectivity.



> Where is your basis in policy for this?


Let me attempt to answer your fake question with links that show AFRINIC
members from some of the 54 AFRICAN countries with real networks in AFRICA.


Or wait... I can not find this so-called LIR *Cloud Innovation Limited* with
offices in Seychelles using this BGP tool.

*https://bgp.he.net/country/SC <https://bgp.he.net/country/SC>*

You try so hard to pretend with your alternative reality in your quest to
defend Heng Lu and his IP ADDRESS SOLUTIONS business run under his
subsidiary HongKong company Larus https://www.larus.net/

FYI... "AFRINIC has never approved any application for IP space for the
purpose of leasing despite having received such requests."


PS: The ALLOCATION POLICY is linked to the AFRINIC BYLAWS which are both
linked to the AFRINIC RSA.
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