[Community-Discuss] Litigations and Supreme Court Orders concerning AFRINIC

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> to dispel rumours and maintain the trust the market has in CI as the

> leading IP address solution provider.


So the rumors are not new and they have been going on since 2014.

In fact in 2014 Heng Lu wrote the below as per the rpd archive link below
and see BOLD text for context.



*Lu Heng h.lu <http://h.lu> at anytimechinese.com
<http://anytimechinese.com>*Sat Sep 20 00:37:13 UTC 2014

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*I am very much surprised one of the board member here direct ask to break
policy in order to "save the continent", in which there is nothing to save
from as seems there is no resource being taking outside of the
continent.because our range has been mentioned since beginning of the
discussion, let me make things clear once for all:1. the resource we take
are using in africa.2. we are investing in africa.*


I would welcome Heng Lu to publicly state if those statements remain true
in light of* your IP address solution provision* and dont beat around the
bush.! As I need to make sense of how IP leasing is helping AFRICA.

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