[Community-Discuss] Share About Cloud Innovation Ltd and their business

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Sun Jul 25 21:02:18 UTC 2021

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Leo S <leoso at afcast.com> wrote:

>Sorry I know I said something bad for Cloud Innovation Ltd, but this is the

>truth. If they want to sue me, there is no problem, please come to Myanmar.


It is not "defamation" against the Catholic Chruch to say that the earth
revolves around the sun, rather than the other way around.

That fact, and the facts that were posted about Cloud Innovation's use
and deployment of its assigned number resources are *not* secret or
private business information. These things may be independently observed
and verified by anyone who simply raises his eyes from the Bible long
enough to look through the telescope.

The Internet is *not* a private endeavor, and there exists an abundance
of public information that allows pretty much anyone to determine who is
routing what and to where.


P.S. I don't think that even Lu Heng himself has ever made any attempt to
deny the publicly available facts of how his assigned IPv4 space has been
deployed. Even he himself has not argued and will not argue that all of his
assigned IP space, or even a majority thereof, is being routed to Africa.
Rather, his argument is just that he is allowed, under all relevant rules
and contracts, to do whatever he likes with his already-assigned IP space.
And it is now up to the courts to determine if he is right or wrong about
that, in a formal and legal sense.

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