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Paul Wollner paul.wollner at africaoncloud.net
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Mine is an independent company. As a paid up resource member, it is my right to ask the questions I'm asking and I'll always be concerned about the management of AFRINIC resource. 

Chair, please enforce CoC on Gregoire for accusations without proof.


Paul Wollner

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On Jul 25, 2021, at 1:33 AM, Paul Wollner <mailto:paul.wollner at africaoncloud.net> wrote:

Dear Chair,

Would you care to share with the community where this alternative source of funding is coming from? Are these funds coming from other AFRINIC reserves?

If I'm not mistaken, you have been associated with Cloud Innovation which is behind this nth court case to be heard and from which we are confident that the laws shall be applied and everyone will have to bear the consequences of the actions

Are you now Interested in how the organization manages its risks to continue serving members including cloud innovation as your resources are still be managed ?


How will this impact the day to day operations in AFRINIC?


Paul Wollner

---- On Sat, 24 Jul 2021 18:25:40 +0200 <mailto:chair at afrinic.net> wrote ----

Dear AFRINIC Members,

AFRINIC has been notified by one of its bank that its accounts have
been temporary frozen due to legal action by Cloud Innovation
Ltd. AFRINIC has not yet received the relevant information on this
matter showing the basis of Cloud Innovation Ltd's claims, and
AFRINIC has not yet been given the opportunity to respond to this
action. It will, at the first opportunity, exercise all legal rights
available to it before the Court.

The Board of Directors held an urgent meeting last night. It
identified alternate means of funding so that the company can cover
the financial expenses incurred to run its services.


Subramanian Moonesamy
AFRINIC Board of Directors

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