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Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com
Sun Jul 25 09:33:37 UTC 2021

Sorry - the board doesn’t get credit for finding a potential workaround out of a hole they dug by themselves - that’s the equivalent of saying you congratulate the guy who jumped off a cliff with no parachute and some how survived.


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Hummmm! Je suis vraiment surpris par la réaction de certains membres on diraient qu'ils font tout pour voir Afrinic échouer dans sa gestion, mais ce sont eux qui échoueront. Au lieu de féliciter le Board d'avoir trouver le moyen quelqu'il soit d'assurer la continuité des services, vous vous plaignez de la transparence sans même attendre que le rapport de leur réunion ne soit disponible. On vous demande un peu d'indulgence vis à vis du Board qui fait de son mieux.

N'en déplaise à ce qui cherche à se réjouir de leur hypothétique échec.



Le dim. 25 juil. 2021 à 05:36, Paul Wollner <paul.wollner at africaoncloud.net<mailto:paul.wollner at africaoncloud.net>> a écrit :
Dear Chair,

Would you care to share with the community where this alternative source of funding is coming from? Are these funds coming from other AFRINIC reserves?

How will this impact the day to day operations in AFRINIC?

Paul Wollner

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Dear AFRINIC Members,

AFRINIC has been notified by one of its bank that its accounts have
been temporary frozen due to legal action by Cloud Innovation
Ltd. AFRINIC has not yet received the relevant information on this
matter showing the basis of Cloud Innovation Ltd's claims, and
AFRINIC has not yet been given the opportunity to respond to this
action. It will, at the first opportunity, exercise all legal rights
available to it before the Court.

The Board of Directors held an urgent meeting last night. It
identified alternate means of funding so that the company can cover
the financial expenses incurred to run its services.


Subramanian Moonesamy
AFRINIC Board of Directors

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